Dropps Review – Our experience with the Zero Waste Alternative

dropps laundry and dish detergents stored in jars stacked on their packaging.

We’ve officially had our Dropps subscription for over a year and wanted to share our experience. When it was delivered to our door in a compact cardboard box with no plastic packaging it seemed too good to be true. If you buy laundry and dishwasher pods to cut down on pouring detergent out of a plastic bottle, you’re usually still stuck with a plastic bag or container (not to mention the very questionable list of chemical ingredients). Dropps has revolutionized an antiquated cleaning experience by making it simpler, cleaner, and greener.

Dropps is manufactured in the U.S. and provides carbon neutral shipping. With this product you can say goodbye to strolling down the overly-fragranced detergent aisle at the grocery store. We can’t recommend Dropps enough if you are looking for a sustainable and safe options for laundry and dishes! The subscription service is streamlined and cost-efficient and they offer subtle natural scents as well as options for sensitive skin. Their formulas are free of dyes, phthalates, and phosphates with 100% compostable or recyclable packaging that is super easy to store unlike clunky, messy bottles. They even have a page on their website dedicated to telling you the ingredients in each product as well as what each ingredient is!

Dropps Laundry

Dropps laundry comes in a variety of different styles for sensitive skin, stain & odor, fabric softener, and even a bleach alternative. The use of the pods are the same as any other pod you would buy at the store. One thing to note is that they include a little pouch to put your pod in if you’re washing with cold water. This is to help prevent any bits and pieces from the pod to sticking on your clothes if it doesn’t fully dissolve.

Aside all the benefits of using Dropps laundry products, it all comes down to price for some. At the moment this review was written, Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent costs a few dollars more than Tide Pods. If you utilize the Dropps subscription service you get an additional discount making Dropps laundry an affordable eco friendly alternative for your laundry.

Dishwasher Detergent

Dropps dishwasher detergent lemon with packaging

Dishwasher Detergent comes in two styles, unscented and lemon. Aside from the sustainable efforts mentioned above, there isn’t anything different from these little pods and your average dishwasher pod. Keep your pods in their cardboard packaging or put them in a jar your own convenience.

At the moment this review was written, Dropps Dishwasher Detergents (64-count) costs about $5 more than Cascade Platinum+ pods (70-count). If you utilize the Dropps subscription service you get an additional discount making Dropps CHEAPER than the Cascade alternative!

Overall, Dropps gets 5 stars! The subscription service has a few benefits like never having to worry to buy more as well as having one less thing to take home from the grocery store. Application is the same as any other laundry/dishwasher pod, so no need to change the way you clean. The biggest plus would be their sustainability efforts we mentioned as well as their exclusion of certain chemicals. If you have any questions, let us know and

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