Sustainable Kids Gift Guide 2021

Whether you’re trying to find alternatives to corporations mass producing wasteful products, avoid crowded malls, or support small businesses with eco-conscious values at their core we’ve got you covered. Check out our gift guides featuring sustainable products and ideas that are sure to make unique and practical gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season.

  1. Keep Nature Wild Kids/Baby Apparel 2. Recycled Crayons 3. Plantable Pencils 4. Superstitious Upcycled Cotton Baby Blanket 5. Natural Balancing Cairn Blocks 6. Tater Tats Natural Temporary Tattoos 7. Blockitecture Natural City Scape Sets 8. Areaware Mini Food Puzzles 9. Unique Moon Chalk Sets 10. Local Zoo/Aquarium/Kids’ Museum Tickets 11. Handmade Natural Teething/Knit Rattles
1. Keep Nature Wild has made our list multiple times, but we keep going back to them for all things graphic. The quality and creativity of their outdoorsy apparel and accessories make an easy and cute gift. Their soft Cotton Onesies and Toddler Tees are perfect for any adventurous kiddo in your life. 
2. Markers are fun until they dry out or get used on the walls or carpet, plus they are made with plastic. Crayons (and colored pencils) and a great alternative since they can be used until they are just a tiny stub. We love these Recycled Jumbo Crayons from Package Free Shop, but other similar handmade options exist out there like these Eco Star Crayons or on Etsy. Have a box of old crayons laying around? Spend the day with the little ones melting them down into muffin tins or other easy to grab shapes for their own custom rainbow crayons. Check out this DIY HERE.
3. We wish every pencil was plantable, meaning it has seeds inside and will have a second life as a plant. These are a great stocking stuffer for the young environmentalists on your list. We also found a few cool Recycled Pencils and These Recycled Pencils so that the kids will be ready to head back to school for the new year.
4. Superstitchous is one of our go-to small businesses to gift from. This Persian-American woman-owned little brand packs a punch with her selection of beautifully designed blankets made from 100% upcycled cotton. Based in California, these stunning Knit Baby Blankets come in a variety of patterns that have a special cultural meaning depending on the fruit/images and make the perfect gift for any new parents. 
5. & 7. Areaware never disappoints with their unique and stylish decor, but their kid section is truly cool if you’re trying to gift a toy that doesn’t look like a clutter explosion. Their tasteful designs utilize natural materials and have a stunning minimal look. Their Blockitecture City Scapes come in numerous layouts featuring a synergetic connection between the urban and natural world with their wooden block pieces and endless possibilities. Fort Standard’s cairn-like Balancing Blocks come in a variety of palettes and also stand the test of time with their durability, infinite set ups, and classic design. You’ll want to keep passing these down in the family instead of heading down the plastic-filled toy aisle full of loud battery-operated options that will eventually end up in the garage sale or landfill. 
6. Tater Tats is whimsical little business that supplies vegetable temporary tattoos to little arms, faces, and hands everywhere. Based in West Michigan, this veggie-loving crew now supports small farms/farmers across the country with 10% of their sales every year going towards farmers who are changing the world from the ground up. Their goal is to encourage seasonal, healthy eating and sustainable farming. Hosting the kids while the adults have a date night? Pick out some tats. Trying to find a little gift for that goofy toddler you babysit? can’t go wrong with a Fall Pack of veggie tats. 
8. Puzzles have always been a holiday tradition in our family, but the youngsters lose interest when they can’t contribute to tricky 1000 piece masterpieces. Areaware has some adorable mini 8” x 8” Puzzles featuring super relatable snacks and treats like a bowl of fruit loops, a gummy bear, or a pickle. With dozens of options to choose from you can gift a different one to each niece/nephew so they can race to complete them, swap them, and overall just enjoy some screen-free time for a bit. We also thought this 100% recyclable Compost Pile Puzzle were worth mentioning.
9. Who doesn’t want a fresh set of chalk? These unique sets of Moon Chalk from Areaware are pretty sweet and will definitely be the talk of the playground or cul-de-sac. Push, pull, rotate, and roll on any chalk friendly surface to create murals and sidewalk doodles. They come in a few different sets and are made from 100% non-toxic chalk.
10. Plan an adventure day with the kiddo in your life and give them tickets to their favorite outing. Treat them to a day at the zoo, or aquarium, kids hands-on museum, or other fun local event and let them call the shots. You could make some coupons for popcorn or ice cream, 1 souvenir, or their choice of lunch. They’ll enjoy spending time with you, getting to choose their own adventure, and being able to “pay” with their own coupons.
11. Have a new teething baby in the family? Try gifting a handmade toy they can grab and suck on made from all natural materials that can be rewashed over and over and doesn’t have any harmful toxins/plastics. These hand-knit Organic Rattles from Estella are especially fun. 

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