Sustainable Kitchen Gift Guide 2021

Whether you’re trying to find alternatives to corporations mass producing wasteful products, avoid crowded malls, or support small businesses with eco-conscious values at their core we’ve got you covered. Check out our gift guides featuring sustainable products and ideas that are sure to make unique and practical gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season.

1. Please the cheese connoisseur in your life with this sustainable Cheese Grotto Storage Vault. It looks chic and serves the purpose of keeping cheese fresher which ultimately will cut down on food waste and ripped plastic wrap/crusty baggies that add clutter. This Cheese Grotto product comes in 2 sizes and can easily be stored flat thanks to it’s collapsible build. The transparent sliding door showcases your cheesy gems so you know what you have and it looks great on display for happy hour guests. 

2. Our Place has entered the kitchen and dining game and become popular with millennials and new home renters/owners. Their modern, yet functional cookware and serve ware is insta-worthy for sure, but we added them to the list because of their long-lasting product design and core values. They invest in ethical factories that provide supportive environments and compensation, they tell real authentic stories and share traditions from cultures all over the world, and they show effort in sourcing responsible materials like recycled hand blown glass for their adorable Stacking Drinking Glasses. The Always Pan and accessories like the Persian-inspired tahdig rice Flipping Platter make thoughtful gifts for friends and family. Pick from a wide range of trendy and inspiring colors to add personal flair to their cooking space. Want $20 off? Visit Our Place HERE.

3. You know of hand soap bars, you may have heard of shampoo/conditioner bars, but solid dish soap bars may be new to you. If not, sweet! Ready to get your loved ones hooked? Our favorite is the vegan Dish Washing Block by No Tox Life. This easy-lather block creates less of a goopy neon eye-sore on anyone’s counter and saves dozens of plastic bottles and cuts the grease and dirty dishes the same way a name brand product would. Pair it with a cute eco-friendly bamboo scrub brush for a fun little set. Who said gifts couldn’t be as practical as cleaning supplies?

4. Pineapple Collaborative was started by a group of friends who started building their inclusive brand by spotlighting incredible women in food and building community together throughout Washington D.C. They use their buying power to support fellow women creatives, farmers, producers, leaders, chefs, etc. and work to share their passion for self-expression, radical inclusion, and sustainability. Their selection of thoughtfully curated Apple Cider Vinegar and Oils make stunning gifts for the foodies in your life. 

5. Tired of adding paper towels to your grocery list? Your friends and family probably are too. Give them the gift of reusables this season. Marley’s UnPaper Towels take the place of bulky stacks of plastic-wrapped paper towel rolls. Plus, they can even be rolled around a classic wooden tube/holder to mimic the accessibility of grabbing a paper towel. They come in neutrals, fun prints, and even holiday themed sets so they can be rotated and reused each season. They soak up messes, save tons of paper products, and last for years. Support this woman-owned and hand-crafted sustainable business based out of Eugene, Oregon!

6. Reusable snack bags are not a secret, but we couldn’t leave them off the list. Create a festive bundle of your favorite StasherEverspring (Target brand)Zip Top, or Etsy-designed resealable bags for that parent who makes all the lunches, the college kid who needs studying snacks, the outdoorsy friend who like their trail mix on the go, or the grandma who still uses ziploc bags for her toiletries. 

7. Patagonia Provisions has launched some amazing new regeneratively-grown/produced goodies on their online marketplace. Additionally, you can find many of their most popular bites at their brick and mortar stores and other retail partners like REI and even Whole Foods. Patagonia Provisions has grown from just Patagonia-supplied food products to products from other like-minded vendors who are tackling the climate crisis one carbon-sequestering snack at a time. Check out their new assortment of Wine, Cider, and Sake in addition to the delicious sustainable seafood hor’derves that make great additions to any charcuterie board regardless if it’s served out your camping tent or your kitchen. 

8. Great Jones is sure to impress the chef or baker in your family or friend group with their sleek and colorful wares. The Holy Sheet/Sheet Show PFOA-free coated non-stick baking tray is multifunctional and stylish. Co-founded by a woman on a mission to empower home chefs, these beautiful Duchess PotsPans, and Sets are sure to inspire some delicious meals (which you’ll probably benefit from if you gift them). Skip the packed department store shopping and never look back. Want 10% off? Visit Great Jones HERE.

9. Goldune continues to add mouth-watering climate positive food products to their sustainable marketplace. Who would have thought that upcycled baking mixes exist? These Renewal Mill Upcycled Mixes have changed the baking game by fighting climate change with each vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free morsel. Renewal Mill uses a efficient co-location model to capture and upcycle byproduct from different food manufacturing partners. This creates less waste and cuts down on global warming emissions. The end result? (Nearly) guilt-free Sugar CookiesOat Chocolate Chip Cookies, and more. These sets include 3 mixes so you can mix and match or share with more friends. Don’t want to gift a cookie mix? Bake them up yourself and gift a delicious set of cookies to share with loved ones this holiday season. 

10. Holidays and chocolate just seem to go hand in hand. Maybe you’re adding some chocolate treats to a stocking, sharing a winter solstice chocolate yule log cake, or celebrating Hanukkah with chocolate gelt. Either way, we wanted to share a few of our favorite sustainable options with you. Dr. Bronners has been known for it’s cult classic rainbow variety of biodegradable soap, but they have entered the chocolate game. Their all-vegan, coconut sweetened chocolate comes in 6 varieties and carries the same high standards for fair trade, regenerative organic, B-Corporation status, etc. as their other sudsy products. Hu Kitchen is another great alternative to big name candy and the ingredients/label speaks for itself. They have over a dozen enticing chocolate bars, including the festive Gingerbread Dark Chocolate.

11.  Brightland’s aesthetically pleasing oils, vinegars, honeys, and other infusions are sure to excite. This tasteful brand was co-founded by a woman whose ancestors were salt farmers in South India and was inspired by the beautiful relationship they had with the land. They strive to continue this cycle of respect by sourcing their olives and other fruits from a family-run farms in California and steering clear from nasty artificial preservatives and fillers. Feel good about gifting a beautiful set of oils or vinegars that look great on any table and won’t get shoved in the back of the pantry. 

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