Sustainable Miscellaneous Gift Guide 2021

Whether you’re trying to find alternatives to corporations mass producing wasteful products, avoid crowded malls, or support small businesses with eco-conscious values at their core we’ve got you covered. Check out our gift guides featuring sustainable products and ideas that are sure to make unique and practical gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season.

1. Aplat Reusable Farmers Market Flower Totes are for that fresh-cut loving person on your list. Tote bags are great, paper wrappings are okay, but this biodegradable bouquet holder will make all their market or backyard harvesting dreams come true. Bonus points if you gift it full of a fresh bundle of seasonal blooms!

2. Butane-filled lighters you pick up from the drugstore are a thing of the past. While they aren’t literally single-use they are pretty close unless you’re into refilling your little lighters with environmentally hazardous fluid. According to The USB Lighter Company, Americans throw away over 350 million lighters a year! This minority-owned business has been trying to take down this statistic for the last 7 years and worked hard to be one of the first and only companies to meet U.S. Fair Labor and Trade compliances. You can’t go wrong with the sleek Motli or Candle Lighter. We also like this chic Pocket-Sized Rechargeable Option and their new Biodegradable Charging Cables also caught our eye. 

3. Meditation cushions aren’t a must have. Regular pillows, folded blankets/towels, yoga blocks, grassy patches, etc. will often do. But, if you have someone on your list who has been really working on their personal mantra, using their meditation app daily, and manifesting a less stressful life then a meditation floor cushion might be something they’d appreciate. There are many great options out there depending on firmness and material preference. We like these eco-friendly options from Olive & Olde via GolduneAvocado MattressBrentwood Home, and Shakti Warrior

4. Longevity is a cornerstone in sustainable products. Cheaply made pot warmers / trivets can get ratty quickly and don’t scream “I have my life together” when guests come over for dinner. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite modern trivets that will stand the test of time and still look good years from now to minimize sending more textile waste to the landfill. These Ferm Living Metal Pond Trivets come in multiple sizes, these Terracotta Twist Trivets by SIN add an earthy vibe to any table, and this Recycled Stitched Mitt Trivet by Puebco is sure to keep your loved one’s hands safe when retrieving your favorite baked goods. 

5. Everyone loves a nice handcrafted kitchen utensil. These Unicef Market Jobillo Wooden Salad Forks from an artisan in Guatamala can provide 21 doses of measles vaccine to children in need. They are eco-friendly and dishwasher safe in addition to being a one-of-a-kind set that will be the star or any dinner table. 

6. What’s more practical than providing literal support to your loved one? Help them extend the life of their favorite pair of kicks by gifting them a new set of sustainable shoe insole inserts. These comfortable and supportive Fulton Insoles are designed to improve alignment with sustainability at their core. The 3 layers consist of cactus leather, antimicrobial natural latex foam with a carbon-negative, shock-absorbing cork bottom layer. Honorable mention goes to the Allbirds Insoles made with odor-preventing merino wool and castor-bean oil foam.

7. This Wooj 3D-Printed Wavy Lamp is at the top of our wish list this year. Made of heat-resistant corn-based plastic, these wiggly wonders are made to order and 3D printed by a small team of creatives in Brooklyn, NY. Wooj was founded on the belief that great products could be made at low cost without exploiting poor labor practices or requiring products to be mass produced in order to turn a profit. The result? Breathtaking and sustainable designs that are sure to be the conversation pieces of any holiday gift exchange. 

8. Goldune has reeled us in again with another sustainable piece that looks like it could be straight out of a designer magazine. These Sustainable Bubble Tumblers brought to us by Sticky are one of a kind, hand blown glass mug cups created with love by a team of LGBTQ+, POC, and female identifying folks in Brooklyn, NY. Add them to your cart on Goldune’s sustainable one-stop-shop or support Sticky directly and feel good knowing that 10% of every order will be donated to an organization that secures the safety of trans bodies, Black lives, immigrant families, and individuals that are in critical needs of financial support. 

9. Based in Los Angeles, Atelier Saucier, is a woman-owned modern tablescape design house for sustainable and customizable linens. What more could you want to gift? They have a stunning collection of reusable cloth napkin sets and table runners. We especially can’t keep our eyes off the 70s’inspired Tie-Dye Denim Linens, but there is truly a pattern for whatever your giftee’s style might be. 

10. Bug spray might not be relevant for where you live, but we guarantee your BFF in the southeast or favorite hiker will appreciate the thought behind an eco-friendly pest repellent. Both EiR and Good Flower Farm have debuted non-toxic bug sprays that will naturally keep those pesky mosquitos from chewing up your friends when they are trying to enjoy the outdoors. Most big name repellents contain harmful aerosols in addition to environmentally unfriendly ingredients like DEET and other chemicals that aren’t good for your body either. These utilize the power of essential oils and are more mindfully processed in smaller batches. 

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