Sustainable Miscellaneous Gift Guide 2021

Whether you’re trying to find alternatives to corporations mass producing wasteful products, avoid crowded malls, or support small businesses with eco-conscious values at their core we’ve got you covered. Check out our gift guides featuring sustainable products and ideas that are sure to make unique and practical gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season.

1. Disco balls are trending pretty hard right now, but we like to think they never went out of style. Have a dancing queen who needs a disco ball x planter in their life? Check out this HGTV DIY or find some already upcycled options for you to gift. Etsy has numerous Disco Ball Planters and disco ball decor. 

2. You may be familiar with the Jungalow brand thanks to their collaboration with Target, but the full blown Jungalow collection is far more robust and inspiring. Jungalow started as a design blog in Justina Blakeney’s tiny plant-filled living room years ago and has since grown into a lifestyle brand that radiates warm jungalicious design, culture, and inspiration. Their shop features designs from their LA studio as well as a curated ensemble of creative, colorful, modern gods from around the globe. It’s hard to pick favorites but we gravitate towards this Natural Hamsa Quilt SetHandwoven Sisal Avocado OrnamentIconic Peace Vases, and Cotton Ayo Dish Towel Set.

3. The family birthday cake maker will rejoice with this set of natural Beeswax Candles. the DIY aspect of it is great for a mini hands-on activity and the natural and neutral set will create a cohesive look on top of any sweet bake. Forget drugstore rainbow candles that drip dyes and artificial toxins into the celebratory treats. We like the Kikkerland Kit available via Letterfolk, this Eco-Kids Kit via The Nest & Co., as well as these Waldorf Birthday Ring Beeswax Candles that are dripless and maintain their honey-like fragrance while burning. 

4. It might be too late to start growing your own loofah to gift, but there’s always next year. In the meantime, there are lots of options for zero waste natural exfoliators like this 3 Pack of Heirloom Mayan Loofahs. Your friends and family will thank you for saving them from the bacteria-ridden synthetic neon loofah days. They work great in the shower/tub or on dishes for a scrubber straight off the vine.

5. We’ve been swooning over Glare Goods ever since we stumbled across their upcycled mirrors last year. Before we even thought about all the sad vintage mirrors that end up in landfills, but Glare Goods was already on it. This duo based in the Northeast collects vintage and unwanted mirrors, custom cuts them to unique perfection, and makes dreams come true. Their pieces feel like they are out of designer showrooms and come in all shapes and sizes. As they are getting ready to launch their website stay tuned to their social media for product drops. They also make stunning upcycled cutting/serving boards from reclaimed wood as well as glass coasters. TBD anything they craft is sure to win the gift of the year award. 

6. Everyone has a plant lady in their life. Give yours this adorable classic Plant Lady Name Necklace that shows off their passion. The Homebodies is a woman-founded + owned collection of sustainable goods from small-batch makers and mindful brands. We appreciate their thoughtful sourcing, compostable packaging, and focus on joyful daily rituals.  

7. Another shout out to The Homebodies thanks to their simple and gift-worthy Matcha Corner. Create a little bundle for your matcha buddy and include a natural bamboo whisk, ceramic whisk stand, or matcha bowl/mug combo. This gift is sure to please any tea-lower who enjoys a mindful morning or mid-afternoon matcha session. 

8. You may have seen our mention of For Days and their Take Back Recycling Bag in our Apparel Gift Guide. We felt like it needed another mention in our miscellaneous guide as well. Give the gift of decluttering and recycling at the same time. You give the bag to your loved one with the most ratty socks, shirts, or just undonate-able garments and help them fill it up. This gift is best given with a “closet purge” coupon. For Days takes clothes from any brand, in any condition, and recycle them into new textiles. Plus, once it’s filled up and sent you (or the the giftee) will instantly earn back the price you paid for the bag and prepaid shipping label for credit that can be used on any For Days purchase.

9. Letterfolk’s Tile Mats are a hit with home decor lovers everywhere. Their high quality and durable design is a parent or pet-owner’s dream. The best part? They are customizable which makes them great all year long. Cheesy holiday door mats are outdated and need to be stored and replaced every few seasons after they start to shed and get worn out. Gifting a Letterfolk Tile Mat comes with a set of little hexagonal tiles that can be used to create any pattern, phrase, or welcome slogan you can think of. They are super easy to wash with soap and water and they look like retro cafe flooring so they easily match any decor style. Wanna go the extra mile? They have new shapes, mat styles, and a variety of different Tile Sets to mix and match seasonal designs. 

10. Have a frequent traveler or map aficionado on your list? This natural Cork Map of the US is a fun take on plotting adventures. Each map is handmade in the USA using sustainably-harvested cork and every map has a unique grain. Gift it to someone who loves to track their trips, or has loads of fun film photos to pin up. It’s natural and neutral look will look great in any room or office.

11. Puzzles are a tried and true staple of family gatherings, dark winter evenings, and social distancing. If you have someone on your list who isn’t puzzled-out from the last couple years then we recommend stepping it up a notch with a sprightly design from Piecework Puzzles. The Disco Queen Puzzle and the Meta Puzzle are our top picks, but we’re sure you’ll find something for any puzzle fan thanks to their delightful selection. Sort by puzzle size or check out their Holiday Collections to find a beautiful image attached to 100% recycled paper. Another women-owned brand to add to your list of gift-giving options, but don’t forget you can always re-gift a puzzle you’ve already done, orchestrate a holiday puzzle trade, or find great puzzles at local secondhand book/game store!

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