Sustainable Self Care Gifts 2021

Whether you’re trying to find alternatives to corporations mass producing wasteful products, avoid crowded malls, or support small businesses with eco-conscious values at their core we’ve got you covered. Check out our gift guides featuring sustainable products and ideas that are sure to make unique and practical gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season.

1. Osea Bath & Body Products 2. Gua Sha Facial Tools 3. Eco-Notebooks/Journals 4. Sustainable Teas 5. Powered by People Handmade Clay Teapot Chonita  6. Nopalera Zero Waste Lotions + Soap Bars 7. Sage Pizza Local Artist Coloring Pages 8. Dosed CBD Teas + Oils 9. House of Marley Responsible Music Listening Devices

1. Osea (Ocean, Sun, Earth, Atmosphere) is another great women-founded/owned clean beauty/wellness brand that you can feel good about gifting. Plus, the minimalist glass bottles look luxurious. Not sure about a specific regime or skincare preference? You can’t go wrong with their Undaria Algae Body OilAntioxidant Atmosphere Protection Cream, or Calming Vagus Nerve Mist + Oil Duo. Osea has been committed to using only the highest quality plant-based ingredients free from harmful artificial fragrances and synthetic fillers and dyes.

2. After a long day of work and/or screen time our facial muscles could use a micro massage. Give the gift of a reusable jade gua sha tool to promote self care. Using a gua sha is a massage-like healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine and stimulates meridians and circulation. These natural tools can be used in a slow and mindful way to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin radiance and firmness, and destress/depuff to aid with tension pain or inflammation. Gua sha techniques are best practices with a light facial mist or oil, so considering creating a little set for your giftee. There are hundreds of options out there. We recommend this one from Osea, this one from Package Free Shop, or this comb combo from Earth Harbor to ensure a ethically sourced, high quality tool. 

3. Journalling is a popular form of self care that can help slow your mind and take a break from screen time, unwind after a long day, or appreciate the little things. There are many great little journals that have prompts or questions to ponder and that are catered specifically towards mental health care. If you’re looking to gift a plain notebook to capture dreams, goals, or stories we love a recycled Decomposition Notebook made from 100% post-consumer waste. They come in a wide variety of tastefully designed patterns. We also appreciate these Anti-Anxiety Journal Books from Etsy and Therapy Notebooks

4. Tea is always a safe bet for winter gifts and is readily available at most grocery stores to save on shipping, but the most beneficial for our planet and your giftee’s health is organic, fair-trade certified, loose leaf tea. Mass produced and overly packaged teas are okay in a pinch or in a hotel breakfast bar, but the tea bags almost always contain plastic which means consuming micro-plastics with every sip and tea bags ending up in landfills. Try your local tea shop, farmers market, or bulk spice store and create a personalized tea bundle. Some other great options are Rishi Tea & BotanicalsGood Earth Tea, and Arbor Teas. Try giving a bundle of loose leaf tea with a reusable tea diffuser/strainer or tea organizer. 

5. Warm morning (and evening) rituals are upon us as we head into the chilliest months of the year. Is your giftee warming up their mug of water in a microwave? Gift them a lifetime of coffee/tea heating with a sustainably-sourced clay Chonita Teapot. This handcrafted gem was made by a collective of women in Mexico and can go directly in the fire. Another artisan ceramic option is this tall Hasami Porcelain Tea Pot. Or for a more modern look, this stainless steel Clyde Stovetop Tea Kettle is nice too. 

6. Who doesn’t love some lotion in the wintertime? Nopalera delivers these moisturizing zero waste Lotion and Soap bars which make a great gift alternative to overly fragranced plastic lotions that malls and big box retailers sell by the thousands every year. Nopalera’s Mexican botanical-inspired line was founded to elevate and celebrate Latinx culture and plays off of the nopal cactus which is one of the most sustainable, resilient, and versatile plants in the world. You’ll easily find a stunning little gift from this woman-founded/owned natural beauty business. Also check out the Cactus Flower Exfoliant!

7. Coloring pages are therapeutic for all ages, but before you drive to your nearest craft store chain check out independent artists’ online shops, Etsy or Society6 accounts so you can support artists in your area. We’re a big fan of Sage Pizza’s work and she’s a graphic designer based out of Phoenix, AZ. Check out her affordable Print-At-Home Tarot Coloring Pages and gift away!

8. Tea again? This woman-founded + owned CBD Tea brand is in a league of it’s own unless you live somewhere where high quality CBD products are readily available. DOSED was started as a natural remedy source to supplement less natural healing prescriptions. Each fully compostable, micro-plastic-free tea bag equips your giftee with a relaxing 10mg of CBD or if you don’t have a tea-drinker on your list they have drops as well. With multiple blends, including non-CBD options, we’re sure you’ll find a winner. 

9. Technology is often the most difficult eco-friendly gift to find, but House of Marley has delivered with a unique selection of music-related accessories. House of Marley’s eco-conscious identity was created in collaboration with the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for music and planet. They support global reforestation and ocean preservation through partnerships with One Tree Planted and Surfrider Foundation. Their list of materials includes bamboo, recycled fabric woven from reclaimed organic cotton, hemp and plastic, recycled silicone, wood composite, recycled paper, organic cork, recycled metals and more responsible materials. Check out their SpeakersHeadphones, and Turntables. Here’s the link to the No Bounds Bluetooth Speaker pictured above.

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