Best Zero Waste Shaving Habits


In need of a fresh shave after a year of quarantining? We can’t recommend safety razors enough. You may have seen the recent comeback of safety razors on influencers’ social media. Their shiny, minimalist appearance adds the perfect sleek design to your insta-worthy bathroom shelfie, but they have more perks than just their *~aesthetic~*.

Say goodbye to excessive plastic packaging, disposable plastic razor heads, and flimsy petroleum-based handles for good. The “convenience” of disposable big brand shaving products is no longer an excuse since safety razors can be sent straight to your door. Plus, you get WAY more than just a couple new blades which pays for your sturdy razor investment in no time. Get one step closer to the low maintenance zero waste bathroom of your dreams with a sturdy gender-neutral safety razor and say goodbye to sexist shaving marketing and trashy packaging.

Safety Razor Benefits

  • a closer shave
  • a simple blade that doesn’t get clogged
  • no more constantly throwing away chunky dull blades
  • a razor that looks shiny and new everyday
  • no bulky plastic packaging
  • less razor burn and irritation
  • super inexpensive sets of replacement blades
  • an established recycling program for used blades
  • a plastic-free and chemical-free razor experience
  • ability to support smaller companies that have good environmental intentions and sustainable practices at their core

Look no further, safety razors are your friend! There are multiple great safety razor options out there, so finding one that’s right for you should be easy. No matter which one you choose, a safety razor will impress you with its extreme precision and timelessly minimal/neutral exterior as well as the less negative impact it has on our planet.

Over 3 billion disposables could be kept out of the landfill every year if every American went plastic-free!

Albatross Sailing Shave Shop

At Albatross you have 3 razor choices: the Flagship 3 Piece Razor ($25), the Flagship Butterfly Razor ($29), and the Flagship Butterfly Extra Long Razor ($39) that all come in shiny stainless steel. With an Albatross Safety Razor, also available at Package Free Shop, you get a stainless steel tool that could potentially last the rest of your shaving career. It also comes with a set of 10 blades that will last you years because you won’t need to replace them as frequently as that plastic razor in your shower. When you do need to replace the blade you are able to save the old ones in a teeny paper envelope.

Once you have a collection of blades you can send them back to Berkeley, California. Metal razor blades are not on your curbside recycling list, so you can either find a local recycling center or send them back to your respective razor company. Albatross takes back metal blades from ANY brand to be properly recycled into new reusable silverware! A set of 10 replacement blades from Albatross costs a mere $2.50 making Albatross one of the most budget-friendly options!

Leaf Shave Company

Leaf has one of the best zero waste razors if you prefer the pivoting head. They have 2 different styles that are ergonomic and have stands to keep them from sliding off your shelves. The blades on the Leaf Razor sit in a row similar to the classic disposables, but you can choose how many blades you want to stack in the razor’s head. You can fill all 3 blades in for a closer shave or only insert 1 or 2 for sensitive skin. The Leaf Razor ($84) comes in multiple colors/finishes to match your bathroom hardware or style. The Twig Razor model ($59) is smaller which makes it great for travel. They thought of everything when it comes to a modern and chic product you’ll enjoy looking at. Leaf also includes a mini metal tin to collect your used blades so you can send them back to be recycled.

This company is certified by Climate Neutral as carbon neutral. They support non-profit climate action work and package and ship 100% plastic-free.

Eco Roots

Eco Roots is an official 1% For The Planet member and all their products are carefully curated. The pretty rose gold Safety Razor from Eco Roots falls right in the middle of the road with a price under $35. Nothing but a beautifully basic doubled-edged blade system. The shiny zinc alloy and stainless steel in rose gold adds some flair. Plastic free product with 100% plastic free and recyclable packaging. A percentage of every razor sale is donated to Ocean Conservancy. A pack of 10 stainless steel replacement blades will run you $3.95. It doesn’t look like they have a specific blade recycling program set up, but you can always send any brand of blades as part of Albatross’ Blade Take Back Program.

Well Kept Essentials

Well Kept Essentials, based out of Vancouver, Canada, has designed a brass alternative to the safety razor that comes in a dusty matte pink, matte cream, and matte black. It is smaller in size, similar to the shape and size of the Albatross razors, but the actual blades are still made of recyclable stainless steel. This product is made in Canada and comes in the signature plastic free packaging. Well Kept also has their own blade recycling program so you can send a full blade box back to them. They come in packs of 20 replacement blades at $15, however most standard blades should fit as well. The razor itself is also at the top of the budget at $82.

Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop offers the Albatross Razor, Leaf Razor + stand, and Well Kept Essentials’ Brass Safety Razor from With Package Free Shop you can set up a subscription to save money and have your replacement blades delivered on a schedule that works for you. They also offer various Zero Waste Shaving Kits that include variations of a razor, zero waste moisturizing shave bar soap, blades, and reusable carrying/storage pouch. Zero waste shave bar soaps add an extra level of skin nourishment and moisture to your shaving routine and also help your safety razors glide better for a safer shave. Check out their Blue Clay Menthol Shave Bar Soap and Amber Ale Shave & Body Bar.


Still have some old razors, disposable heads/blades, blade cartridges, rigid plastic packaging, or flexible bag packaging? No worries! Working towards a low waste lifestyle is all about imperfection and continuing to make better choices. And good news: TerraCycle (a revolutionary waste management company that offers free recycling programs for hard-to-recycle materials funded by brands, retailers, and manufacturers around the world) has partnered with Gillette and Gillette Venus to recycle those materials listed above! This is a first-of-its-kind recycling program for ALL brands of razors and their various blades and packaging. They separate and melt down these different materials to be turned into new recycled products such as park benches and picnic tables .

Options for recycling disposable razor products through TerraCycle:

Find your local TerraCycle collection/drop off location through HERE

If you don’t have a local drop off spot you can also collect your razors/packaging in a box to ship. You’ll need to create/login to your TerraCycle account to download and print a shipping label. You’ll be able to select your preferred shipping courier, but you will need to cover the cost of shipping. Make sure your box is full of cleanish, dry objects to ensure the most efficient and acceptable shipment.

If you want to become a drop off location to collect these types of products sign up HERE

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